Stronger, I FELT IT.

I’m a black, deaf, working professional with a passion for strength, betterment, and living life to the fullest. 

2018 was a year when the backbone of my life was taken by cancer.

Before passing my mother told me“keep doing what you’re doing, don’t stop.”. After she transitioned I experienced tremendous heartbreak. I hit rock bottom as I tried to control things that I ultimately could not. There were a million words I could say to express my sadness  and how much I loved, but there was only one word I could say or do to stay positive and optimistic. Stronger.

STRONGER became my new mantra. My motto. My maxim. Out with the old “go with the flow” and in with a brand new energy. 

I came across the saying, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Stronger. Stronger. STRONGER. This is when the strength all began to grow again based on one word. From Greg Hlibok’s "Stronger” speech in 1988's Deaf President Now,

biceps emojis, and many hashtags ending with strong, be strong, stronger together and more. I kept feeding off visuals of strength to keep me going and growing with a bigger  purpose in life. 

“Stronger” made an inspirational impact on my physical, mental and emotional wellness throughout my healing journey. I purchased a home and traveled to Europe for the first time. I began reading more books, eliminating habits, growing new relationships and sharing what I was learning with others. Anthony Bourdain said, “maybe that’s enlightenment enough: to know that there is no final resting place of the mind; no moment of smug clarity. Perhaps realizing how small I am, and unwise, and how far I have yet to go.” Stronger today and more in the future.

2020 was a year of reckoning. When COVID-19 came, it was a time of self care, staying strong, being smart and continuing to only focus on factors within our control I got the chance to spend extra time to build a platform for everyone to feel strong until I saw and felt the strongest presence of a movement, Black Lives Matter. 50 states, multiple cities all over the world; they were becoming STRONGER. Despite the pandemic, they were STRONGER!

BLM, Stronger, I feel you. STRONGERIFY!

So whether you’re from a deaf community, hearing community, or international country, if you want to be a part of something that represents inspirational strength, lets get stronger together.

STRONGERIFY! Because I believe everyone gets stronger. Stronger, “I feel you” is my passion for you all to be stronger! When stronger moments happen, Strongerify!

Our community has a powerful value when it comes to connection, collaboration and commitment. Grow, get bigger and stronger. Inspiration is the result.

Strongerify. You’ll feel stronger eventually.

When you do, STRONGERIFY!


L. LeMarc Williamson, CEO